Report of the conference

The academic conference was held on 23.02.2017 to 25.02.2017 by the JEC Group of Colleges, Jaipur, to encompass possible discussions on the emerging sub-topics and current issues on Advances in Materials, Design, Systems and Manufacturing. Of course the Conference is such a platform that enriches academic and research inputs and all the more it is done by meeting academic experts and eminent personalities and heads on such activity. The occasion was more important because it was an attempt to cover up all the major streams of technology, education, Science, Humanities and Management.

The program started invoking and worshiping Goddess Saraswati and thereafter eminent guests were welcomed. The Chief Guest was Prof (Dr.) N.P.Kaushik Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. Among the guests, the Guest of Honor was Prof. (Dr.) Karali Patra Department of Mechanical Engineering IIT Patna. On the occasion, Prof. Patra delivered keynote address on Emerging Micro-manufacturing Technologies for Fabrication of Micro-systems. The Institution of Engineers (India) and Indian Society of Lighting Engineers associated with us as knowledge partners. These organizations were represented by Prof (Dr.) G S Dangayach Ex chairman IE, Rajasthan, who is also head of Mechanical Engineering MNIT,Jaipur and Er. R S Saxena chairman ISLE, Rajasthan respectively. From the management of JEC Group of Colleges Er Lalit Kumar Saraogi was present to honor the occasion. 

Further the guests were invited to share and bless the occasion with few introductory words and they also unanimously appreciated the efforts put in by the organizing committee and conveners to carry out this conference to add value in the academic activity. The souvenir was inaugurated by eminent guests.

After this Prof. (Dr.) Karali Patra  delivered first plenary talk, in which he shared valuable inputs about under the title “Emerging Micro-manufacturing Technologies for Fabrication of Micro-systems’’ unfolding the complexity of developments in the micro and nano fabrication systems in most beautiful manner. He explained how the life has changed to simplicity due to advancements in Materials, Design, Systems and Manufacturing.

The second day, February 24 2017, expert talk was delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Amar Patnaik of MNIT Jaipur, he took three very interesting session and explained in most simple manner how simple systems having considerably high complexity are only delicately situated between regularity and irregularity, order and disorder through his research project carried out for DRDO. A fine delicate balance is required for a fairly complex system. Life is nothing but a balancing act between all its factors- physical, environmental including emotional extremes. He also asked many quizzes which absorbed minds of participants.

In the sequence third day on 25.02.2017 expert speaker Prof. (Dr.) C K Nirala delivered his expert talk on EDM. He gave a very kaleidoscopic representation of EDM system and current research issues. In his session he took a number of examples to correlate the theme and concept of emerging technologies.

The guests for valedictory were Prof M K Banerjee Steel Chair Professor MNIT and Prof Y Lin of South West Petroleum University Chengdu China, who delivered valedictory speech. The conference ended with vote of thanks for being present with us on the occasion. In sum and substance the conference was divided into six sessions. In each session expert talk was delivered by eminent speakers from academia & the session was followed by the presentations of the participants

The contributions of the organizing committee were well appreciated by all. The conference conveners were Prof (Dr) D G Mahto and Prof (Dr.) Sunita Rawat. Similarly, the secretaries of the conference were Er. Anil Kumar Agrawal and Prof.(Dr.) Naresh Chandnani.

The international conference was of course full of learning and attracted the very enthusiastic feedback from all the participants. They also appreciated the state of art infrastructure and facilities of the institute.