JEC (Jaipur Engineering College ) - One from Top Civil Engineering College In Jaipur

By Pawan Harish | Jan 17 2020

Students who selected civil engineering as their career option must-visit JEC (Jaipur Engineering College). JEC is one of the Top Civil Engineering College In Jaipur which provides excellent faculty, labs, etc. Candidates who are interested in the civil branch, JEC is the Best option for Engineering College in Rajasthan. 

When we talk about Civil Branch, the very first thing comes up in our mind is construction. Before selection, civil engineering as their career students must check out "What they are going to study in upcoming years"?. In Civil Engineering Branch we study building materials, Building Structures, geotechnical engineering, material quality, beam, etc. Faculty may also teach them "How to handle big projects and strategy making?". Civil Engineers deal with construction such as in the government sector they do work in railway, airport, dam projects. Whereas in the private section they do work on the infrastructure of the building, etc. 

In JEC (Jaipur Engineering College) Civil Engineering department has eight well-equipped laboratories such as

  • Engineering Geology Laboratory
  • Computer-Aided Design Laboratory
  • Concrete Technology Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines Laboratory
  • Highway Technology Laboratory
  • Building Material Testing Laboratory
  • Surveying laboratory

All these laboratories are well equipped with 40 ton UTM, Digital Compression testing machine, Strain and Demac gauges, SSC testing equipment, Spectrophotometer, Muffle furnace, BOD / COD incubator, Autoclaves Total station, Ultrasonic pulse velocity tester, Bump indicator, Bitumen core cutting machine, HADE-E Brookfield Viscometer, etc. So students with all these qualities JEC (Jaipur Engineering College ) make a place in the list of Top Civil Engineering College In Jaipur. For Admission Contact us through given below details.   

Phone: +91-8875071333