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All India Agrasen Technical Education and Research Foundation:

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All India Agrasen Technical Education and Research Foundation

Who we are! : Acceding to the Maharaja Agrasen’s ideals, a united icon of Non-Violence, Social Upbringing, Sacrifice, Compassion, Peace and Prosperity, All India Agrasen Technical Education & Research Foundation (AIATERF) has been set up as a registered society in April 29, 1999 in Delhi under society’s registration act 1860. Sri L C Saraogi, a social reformist, came forward to establish this society on simply helping, healing and caring philosophy. His extraordinary activities and thoughts guided the nation to a new beginning in social upliftment.

The Background: Inspired to change lives

The aim of Education in India is to provide access, equity, quality with accountability at affordable cost to all aspiring Citizens with utmost transparency so as to ensure sustainable economic development of the nation. AIATERF believe firmly that it is achieved through creation, dissemination and application of knowledge. As we look today at what is happening with technology—and what the future promises—we see that some of the most innovative and promising practices in education involve technology, and the promise of even more exciting capabilities foreshadows great benefits for society. But the social upliftment, improving quality of life and poverty alleviation can be possible only through imparting quality education to one and all. However, this requires a considerable investment of time and resources to prepare the society to use technology. So with motto of creating a brighter tomorrow through helping, healing and caring, the society vowed to start with an engineering college in keeping with the vision that it would reach out to underserved regions with more such organizations in future.

Our Mission

The mission of the AIATERF is to contribute, improve, enhance, and sustain the quality of life through promote, operate & delivery of superior education with an endeavor to provide international standards education as well as employment to rural masses. Focusing on the overall developments, strengthening the capacities and leadership abilities, this society seeks to prepare students, whose value demonstrate reflective practices and ethical decision making through respecting diversity, honoring difference, and promoting their technical competence through value added education.

The Core Aims & Objectives

The core objectives of AIATERF are:

  • Helping each person attain educational achievement to the best of their potential
  • Promoting the development of respect for everyone, resilience, determination, confidence, and creative and critical thinking, good social skills and the ability to form good relationships, participation in community life and fulfillment of civic and social responsibilities and Preparedness for work
  • Instilling an appreciation of the importance of the inclusion within society of different groups and persons with different personal characteristics, the diversity of society & cultural knowledge.

The Beginning

AIATERF considers that Engineering is an application that involves in scientific and practical knowledge in order to invent, maintain, improve, build, design, system, devices, material, machine and process. So engineering is the best noble profession to bring transformation in society. In the light of core aims & objectives, Jaipur Engineering College (JEC), Kukas had been established in the year 2000 by AIATERF, New Delhi. This marked the beginning of an illustrious new era that has changed the complexion of technical education in India. The college since inception is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and presently affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota.

The Current Status & Future Plans: The JEC Edge

JEC Group today showcases not only AIATERF’s extraordinary commitment to excel in engineering & technical education but also draws global attention for its outstanding contribution in the field of other areas of education & research too. Currently, AIATERF is contributing in Skill Development in several core technology tracks, PMKVY, UG Programs (BA, BSc, LLB, BCom) and Teacher’s Training (B Ed). Our focus is on School Education (CBSE / IGSCE) too and first of its series has already come up in the name of Jayesh International School. The details about Jayesh International School can be viewed from and enquiry email may be sent on 

The Administration

The executive body members of the society are drawn from various occupations such as education, business, service, industry. Similarly, the BOG and academic bodies are constituted according to the norms of the Apex Bodies and Government Norms.

The Scope of Operation

As adopted during constitution of AIATERF, the society is growing rapidly touching every spectrum of education with keeping its root intact in engineering and technology. It has crafted bench mark in the following broader areas of education & training

All India Agrasen Technical Education and Research Foundation

We dedicate ourselves to achieve the goal of education as

Mrtin Luthar King Jr

AIATERF as a team swear to do selfless service which is absolutely fundamental, both from an individual perspective and from the perspective of the entire human race, without which there can be no true progression.

AIATERF  believe that a diverse community in which all feel comfortable and empowered to engage, results in better dialogue and better outcome for all.

For further information, please visit our websites:

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Alternately, we will be pleased to answer through email too. Please email us at to know in detail about us, our ongoing activities and future plans.