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At Jaipur Engineering College (JEC), we don’t believe in creating needless hype. Instead, we believe in creating Engineering Graduates who are Smart, Spirited, Purposeful, Dynamic and Focused. Our Engineering programs are one of the most rigorous programs in the country, designed to develop tough, practical and ethical Techno- Managerial Graduates who are also adept in emergent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Business Analytics, as well as evolving skills on Non Conventional techniques Like Solar Car, Nano Manufacturing, Alternative Energy, Visual Storytelling and Collaborative IT Tools & Techniques. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Give our students an opportunity to prove it to you. Face to face.

Placements initiations

The true measure of effectiveness of any such employability enhancement program lies in the acceptance of its students by the industry. JEC has an unmatched track record in helping young Engineers find their dream careers. In fact, JEC has been rated as the first choice of employers for recruitment. JEC has been a consistent topper for several years in the list of campus placement records. It is proud that our students are highly rated by employers from industry and commerce in the private and public corporate sectors. Offering information, advice, guidance and support for job-seeking students is considered a primary responsibility at the College. The Placement and Training Cell has well-equipped conference, seminar rooms and separate well-furnished rooms for interviews and counseling. To boost the placement, a rearranging in Training and Placement Cell has been done. Under the new arrangement the TP Cell is headed by Prof.(Dr.) D G Mahto, Director, who has cosmic experience in training & placement activities. He is an PhD in Engineering from NIT Jamshedpur ( An institution of National Importance declared by MHRD Government of India) with more than 25 years experience in Industries, Teaching, Research and Administration. He, as a matured professional, intends to impart core and advanced knowledge of Industrial Practices and Corporate Etiquettes to the students amalgamating positive social characteristics in technology raised environs. So in nutshell, It can be briefed that our students are not groomed to merely decorate corner cabins and conference halls. They are like the cactus, they’re rugged, focused and determined to not just survive, but thrive on the toughest of challenges you throw their way. Hire them, and watch them grow.

Objectives of  TP Cell Jaipur Engineering College 

  • Identification of student's potential and mapping their competencies.
  • Cataloguing the database of students (their specialization, interest and academic performance).
  • Providing interlink for the enthusiastic talent ready to explore new horizons alongside the growing requirement of the commerce & industrial world.
  • Working as a platform for molding the students according to the requirements of the corporate world.
  • Creation of resource data base for career, Job Prospectus and designing & delivery of value added learning to ensure best placement for our students.

Placement Guidelines of Jaipur Engineering College

  • JEC believe in order and system that every programme and activity undertaken are in the interest of career prospect of the student community. To meet up the specific purpose the placement cell has specified certain guidelines to be followed for final placement.
  • Offers to students should be made only through the Placement cell.
  • Details regarding the Organizations final placement requirement and the registration form should reach the Placement cell as early as possible. These details are required to help in scheduling the entire placement process for convenience of all involved. On receipt of the list of job opportunities along with the relevant company literature, the Placement office will collect the updated Bio-data of interested candidates and forward them to the organizations.

Structure of Training and Placement Cell:

Training and Placement Cell (TPCell) continuously strives to help students in pursuing their career goals by acquiring employment-seeking skills and ultimately to attain desired employment. This is accomplished through building a strong partnership amongst students, alumni, faculty members and industries.

JEC follows a centralized placement activity which gives each branch equal opportunity to grow for sustained excellence in career through training & placement. Ideally, the TPC has following structure but the involvement of other faculty and staff are also ensured as and when needed.

Jec Training and Placement

The scrutiny of the documents are done at training and placement cell in which student has to appear in the face to face scrutiny.

A view of the scrutiny process at training and placement cell is given below. 

Jec Training and Placement

Placement Process of Training and Placement Cell of Jaipur Engineering College 

Jec Training and Placement

  • Phase I: The first phase activities start from 1st year onwards. These mainly focus on discipline, grooming, career planning and building personality. Through this training, we give awareness regarding the employability skills and job market right from the first year so that students can prepare accordingly.
  • Phase II: This phase starts from 2nd year onwards. We mainly focus to enhance the cognitive and aptitude skills (quantitative aptitude, verbal ability and reasoning skills). The objective of this phase is to improve the student’s logical thinking and prepare them to manage the time effectively, which is playing a crucial role in campus interviews.
  • Phase III: This phase starts from 3rd year onwards the training program focused on the technical competencies in order to improve the student’s technical skills to meet the industry standards which is provided through our regular training mode. The employability empowerment program is an advanced level of technical training. This training program is usually conducted after the even semester of the examination and provided by well-experienced trainers.
  • Phase IV: This phase of training program starts with Mock interview which is usually conducted during the initial days of final year odd semester. This program includes an online aptitude test, technical test, psychometric test, group discussion, face to face technical interview and personal interview. As an extension of this activity, we also provide exercise to overcome their fear and shyness by giving importance to public speaking teamwork etc.
  • Phase V: This phase starts from a final year onwards in the month of July every year. The college invites the companies to conduct the Campus interview process at the college premises. After the campus interview, the placement office would hand over the company offer Letter to the placed students.
  • Phase VI: The placed students may get the opportunity to do their final project in the placed company as an intern. After successful completion of the internship, the students can get full-time employment.

Resources for conducting placement activities

  • The Training and Placement Cell at JEC plays a vital role in training and placements of students of all disciplines in the institution. With the recent increase in the competition for employment, placement has become a challenging task.
  • A fully equipped and empowered placement cell had been established in our college in the year 2000 since the first batch came to the anvil of starting its professional career.

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Seminar Rooms & Auditorium


Conference & Personal Interview Rooms


Internet & Secretarial Assistantship


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Examination Halls Equipped With PC’s


Video Conferencing Facility

Logistics Support


Practice School

UG (BTech) & PG (MTech) students: The final year students as part of the practice school activity are available for placements during their final year, starting July 1st week  on-wards. Corporate willing to hire students are invited to visit the campus anytime during August – March to conduct the recruitment process.

Jec Training and Placement

Accommodation & Travel facilities

On request, the accommodation facilities at suitable hotel (subject to availability) and local transportation shall be arranged. 

How to reach Jaipur by Air

Sanganer airport is the nearest airport to the city of Jaipur. It is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the city centre. The airport has flight connectivity with major Indian cities like Mumbai and Delhi. International tourists can take connecting flights to Jaipur from Mumbai or Delhi airport.

Nearest Airport : Jaipur International Airport, Jaipur

How to reach Jaipur by Rail

The railway junction at Jaipur connects it with various cities. For a royal experience one can take the Palace on Wheels. This train leaves from Delhi and connects various cities in Rajasthan.

How to reach Jaipur by Road

Jaipur has good network of roads connecting it with major Indian cities. NH 8, NH 11 and NH 12 are the main national highways connecting the city of Jaipur with other cities. National capital New Delhi is just 235 KM from this beautiful city while the city of the Taj Mahal, Agra, is only 220 KM from here. Other important cities include Ajmer at 130 KM, Mathura at 196 KM and Gwalior at 250 KM. There are good services of Buses and Cabs available like buses from Jaipur to Delhi bus.

Today's competitive world demands a different kinds of talent; one that has a great analytical skill set coupled with a strong mind set to perform and exceed expectations. Get your corporate builders from an engineering college that offers it! Speak to our corporate relation team to discuss your specific needs or please drop us a line. Our Training and Placement support team is here to support you via email or Phone.

The contact details are as follows

Postal Address

Training & Placement Cell


SP-43, RIICO Industrial Area,Kukas, Jaipur-302028, Rajasthan, India


Mob.: +91 8058799027

In case of department specific queries industries and corporate may contact the Head of the departments over mobile No to the following persons

Name Department Designation Mobile No
Pinky Maurya Mechanical Engineering HOD ME 8112289533
Sultan S Saini Computer Science Engineering HOD CSE 8058799049
Vijay S N Electrical Engineering HOD EE 9413206287
A Chanda Civil Engineering HOD CE 9610044270