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An Overview

In a rapidly evolving technological world, Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) plays an important role in the creation of new ideas, products and solutions. At the Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) Department, we provide a nurturing environment which prepares students for a career in industry, business or research. ECE graduates will have strong foundations in the fundamental concepts and analytical tools of contemporary electrical engineering including electronics circuit design, signal processing, signals, systems and control, microprocessor systems and physics of semiconductor devices. With their solid foundation, they are amongst the most versatile graduates who will be able to take on diverse careers. Students who are keen in research will have opportunities to work in areas as diverse as nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, interactive digital media, games, intelligent systems, energy systems, renewal energies, robotics, communications and integrated circuit design. 

The essential subjects of Electronics and Communication Engineering which are taught in JEC Group usually include:

What do electrical & communication engineers do?

Fresh graduates find openings in the Electronics, Telecommunication and the Computer industry. A large majority of our graduates receive offers for employment at their pre final year of study. Students with a focus to enter higher studies enroll into the PG courses in the same department or join one of the IITs / IISc. Quite a few go overseas for higher studies and pursue research. They may specialize in power systems, electronics, telecommunications, analog and digital signal processing, integrated circuits, microwaves, fiber optics, computers, lasers, microprocessors, radio astronomy, and biomedical engineering.

New Opportunities

With DIGITAL REVOLUTION that has taken the world by storm, B.Tech / M.Tech qualified engineers in the Electronics & Communication Engineering stream have ample and challenging job opportunities in the country and outside. Jaipur city has been rediscovered for its technical prowess and has been chosen to be the hub for the silicon based Ultra Large-Scale Integrated Circuit Chip manufacture. The M.Tech course at Digital Electronics is offered to produce specialists in the communication domain, which is most timely. Job opportunities for Postgraduates have proved to be very exciting and rewarding.

Facilities in ECE Department

ECE department has laboratories in VLSI, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Communication networks and other basic laboratories required for conducting experiments pertaining to RTU syllabus. Students are doing their final year projects at reputed industries such as IBM, ISRO, INTEL, Honeywell etc.


The ECE Department has undertaken keen interest on several research projects of industries, particularly of ISRO under RESPOND program. Several conferences useful for staff members were conducted in the field of VLSI & Embedded systems. This department is in the process of approval by RTU as one of the research centers. Regular interactions are done with faculty from various engineering colleges & professionals from industries. Several staff members have presented their research work both at national & international conferences. ECE department initiated R&D works in relevant areas of electronics, communication and nanotechnology in 2005. As such national and international conferences were organized by the department jointly with other departments in the year 2009, 2010 and 2012. The department has identified emerging research areas focusing on Nano materials, alternative energy sources, signal processing and neural network technologies. The department has already proposed projects in thrust areas to make fundamental contributions in the field of science and technology. A separate lab for R&D has been set up by installing advanced instruments. The management has sanctioned Rs 50 lakhs to augment R&D activities in the department.