Engineering Projects

JEC focuses on meaningful education and prepares students to think beyond a degree. Engineering projects offer students with a platform to apply engineering to the real world, discover the joy of working in a team and extend the experience to new domains. They are eager to try, experiment and learn from their failures. Excellent projects are completed by students in previous academic sessions.

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To name a few...
Automatic Pneumatic Drilling Machine

By: Subhash Lamba, Santosh Mahatu, Pradeep Kumar Das, Manjeet Kumar Sen (VIII Semester students)In this project drilling machine uses pneumatic power instead of motor power. The drilling operation is carried out with the help of pneumatic cylinder which provides the up down motion to the drill tool. This project is very useful in industries in order to save time and manpower. Time control unit is used to control the drilling operation. It's a low cost multipurpose machine which can also carry out operations like grinding, screw driving with less consumption of time and high accuracy.

Virtual Medical

By: Himanshu, Ashish Deo, Bhuvan Rohtagi, Jitesh Singhal (VIII Semester students)The project is aimed at providing remedies to various medical conditions, taking as input the symptoms and the present condition of the patient. It simply compares the present condition of the patient to the standard set of the symptoms of the disease and suggests a remedy to the disease. It aims at providing a complete information portal of the patient's present condition, medical history, hereditary disease (if any) etc. to the doctor and doctor's information of present post, past experiences, specialization etc. to the patient. Also an administrator is there to govern the working of the software.

Generation of Electricity by Garden Gate

By: Ashish Bhardwaj, Mohsin Khan, Rajkumar Jha, Rohan Bhati (VIII Semester students)A rotating wheel is employed at the top of the wooden cardboard with the help of supporting dynamo board. This wheel is connected with a dynamo whose output is connected to a caIn day time, when lamps are not in use we can charge the battery and power can be produced by rotating the wheel in any direction. This technique can be used in many places like parks, roads, children swings, etc. IIT-D, Sahara Hotel, Dubai, is currently using this technique.