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JEC Group alumni have a rich heritage and diverse spanning over 19 years. This diversity helps us to think outside the program of study. Therefore, our approach is to  offers holistic education through emphasis on emerging technologies, inventive thinking, teamwork, entrepreneurship and overall development which helps one to be prepared for any challenges coming their way and being ready to be 'Made for the  World'. Offering enhanced skill-development and best-in-class professional's year-on-year, we ensure that JECians help shape the destiny of India by taking the centre-stage at the global arena.

By utilizing every enthusiastic alumnus, we turn new ideas into actions. They are our advisers, advocates, and allies to support institutional mission. However, alumni are not a body; they are individuals whose campus experiences, current life achievements, and position of connections strengthen the group in bringing excellence in technical education covering vary wide arena. JEC Group alumni relations programs thus, aim to carefully adopt different pulsating experiences among alumni and speak to the interests, needs, and affiliations of each alumna or alumnus.

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India is the fastest growing large economy in the world– an impressive position it has held since it overtook China in the year 2015. According to IMF, it is set to retain this status till 2020. JECians working in diverse sectors will be setting examples for the batches of new aspiring engineers. They will be like torch bearers who would pass on their knowledge to help juniors avoid pitfalls and bumps on the road. They will be a valuable link between the students and the industry, alumni look up to their institutions to provide career services, mentoring - networking opportunities, retraining and skills development. 

The emerging JEC Group is an institution of values and aspiring minds that always look forward to take good deeds of alumni therefore, aims to nurture its bond with alumni as a lifelong agreement that offers mutual benefits.