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JEC Group alumni have a rich heritage and diverse spanning over 21 years. This diversity helps us to think outside the program of study. Therefore, our approach is to  offers holistic education through emphasis on emerging technologies, inventive thinking, teamwork, entrepreneurship and overall development which helps one to be prepared for any challenges coming their way and being ready to be 'Made for the  World'. Offering enhanced skill-development and best-in-class professional's year-on-year, we ensure that JECians help shape the destiny of India by taking the centre-stage at the global arena.

By utilizing every enthusiastic alumnus, we turn new ideas into actions. They are our advisers, advocates, and allies to support institutional mission. However, alumni are not a body; they are individuals whose campus experiences, current life achievements, and position of connections strengthen the group in bringing excellence in technical education covering vary wide arena. JEC Group alumni relations programs thus, aim to carefully adopt different pulsating experiences among alumni and speak to the interests, needs, and affiliations of each alumna or alumnus.

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India is the fastest growing large economy in the world– an impressive position it has held since it overtook China in the year 2015. According to IMF, it is set to retain this status till 2020. JECians working in diverse sectors will be setting examples for the batches of new aspiring engineers. They will be like torch bearers who would pass on their knowledge to help juniors avoid pitfalls and bumps on the road. They will be a valuable link between the students and the industry, alumni look up to their institutions to provide career services, mentoring - networking opportunities, retraining and skills development.  

The emerging JEC Group is an institution of values and aspiring minds that always look forward to take good deeds of alumni therefore, aims to nurture its bond with alumni as a lifelong agreement that offers mutual benefits.

Benefits of Alumni

Wider Professional Network

Alumni associations are rife with opportunities for expanding a graduate’s professional network.

Targeted Career Services

JEC Alumni often provide a wealth of career services to help former students find job opportunities and improve their chances of landing a job offer. Career fairs, for example, bring together employers from around the area, and sometimes further, so that graduates can meet company representatives face-to-face. Career counseling, seminars, webinars, and networking events may provide helpful information about the job market. Similarly, an Alumnus may offer resume and cover letter assistance to help graduates put their best foot forward.

Access to College Resources Post Graduation

In addition to career services, alumni associations may provide various resources to help former students post-graduation. This might include access to library materials, extensive journal and periodical databases, and even educational amenities on campus, such as certain labs and equipment.

Contact with Classmates

Being able to connect with former classmates can be another benefit to belonging to JEC alumni. Whether this leads to a career opportunity or is simply a chance to catch up with old friends and acquaintances, graduates will benefit from alumni directories and online social media groups that keep the lines of communication open well after the caps and gowns have been removed.

Connect with faculties / Parent Departments

Connecting fellow alumni is one way to find career and social opportunities, but reconnecting with past professors can offer a wealth of opportunities as well. This is particularly true for research, as many faculties are engaged in some type of academic research. Graduates could connect with faculties in their field to gain worthwhile experience or guidance with a particular research topic.

Connect with the Community

Many organizations are partnering with JEC which will add value to the alumni and having the opportunity to build relationships with community members and leaders. Socializing


Alumni aren’t always all business. They offer several chances to partake in social events, such as mixers, happy hours, and galas as well as homecoming events, football tailgates, alumni award ceremonies, and class reunions. Graduates can take a break from work and post-college life and reconnect with former classmates as well as other alumni, while making social connections that could lead to lasting friendships.

Giving Back

Graduates often want to stay connected to their alma mater and help future generations of alumni have the same opportunities and positive experiences they did. Alumni may offer a number of ways to give back, including gifts, endowments, membership fees, and volunteer opportunities. Giving back to alumni is a great way to keep the school’s legacy going and ensure that future generations of students have the opportunity to pursue quality higher education. Here are the briefs of the clubs being run by Alumni of the College in active support from the Management of Jaipur Engineering College

Activities and Programmes:

JEC Alumni is involved in a number of activities at JEC, Jaipur. Prominent among them are Alumni Day, Endowment Lectures, Career Fairs, Small Group Activities and participations in Clubs.

Alumni Day

Every year the Alumni Day is conducted on the 3rd week of February every year. The Illustrious Alumni are honored for their life time achievement.

Expert Lectures

Alumni come forward to establish endowment lectures funds to provide scholarships or awards to meritorious candidates and deserving candidates. Alumni office facilitates the same as and when the need arises.

Small Group Activities

There are local small group activities conducted by JEC Alumni at Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Cochin, Bangalore and Delhi.


Mentoring programmes through which the Alumni members come over to the College during the first few weeks to motivate the newly admitted students.

Support in the Job Mela:

Since February.2013, JEC Alumni has been providing its support in organizing Job Mela for the JECians. It supports in organizing the venue and other logistics.

GET INVOLVED : Walking Down Memory lane!

Atharva: the quizzing Club


"Quizzing enthusiasts promote the culture of quizzing through various Intra-JEC quizzing events and through participation in Inter college and Corporate events. Quizzes of various genre like Business, Sports, Entertainment, Literature etc. are conducted throughout the year to promote out of the box thinking among students & Alumni and help them in keeping abreast with the latest happenings of the world.

Robo Foots: the Dancing Club


Members of Robo Foots represent JEC in various intra- and inter-collegiate dance competitions. They also organize workshops on various dance styles.

Alakriti : The Arts in Engineering


Alakriti is a diverse group of art enthusiasts spreading the art movement throughout the campus. They are a body of artists that are involved in design and decor of major events and visible areas of campus. They conduct a number of art-related events annually as well.

Rhythm: the Music Club


JEC's music club aims to instill in all students & Alumni a love of music by providing a platform for music enthusiasts to develop and showcase their musical flair, as well as simply unwind and have fun through competitions, workshops, karaoke nights and public performances. There are multiple events and competitions organized throughout year by the club. Rhythm helps students to take musical breaks from hectic technical life. The club is equipped with good musical instruments to fulfill musical needs of students.

LitCult : The Literary Club


A Club for creative literature, LitCult has established itself as the pioneer for innovative ideas and articulation through a series of online and offline literature activities held throughout the year. Detective treasure hunts, idiomatic dumcharades, Argumentative Indian etc. Thereby, it is positively igniting the minds of a technical student through exciting yet experiential learning. LitCult also identifies potential candidates and facilitates participation in various events on behalf of JEC. This has not only helped the students & Alumni refine professional expressions & relations but also enhance personal communication. The club also publishes a monthly literature magazine called “Jharokha” where students showcase their literary works. A club for the entire vernacular passionate, LitCult – The experts in literature community, is much more than the bounds of Literature.

Theatrix : the Dramatic Club


Theatrix is the dramatics club of JEC is for students & Alumni interested in dramatics and acting. We put up numerous stage and street plays across the year including performances on Independence Day, Republic Day and multiple fests like Fungama, Aagaman, Milan, Rostrum etc. Rather than restricting our plays to members only, Theatrix strives to serve as a common, open platform to give all students a chance to showcase their latent talent or voice out issues close to their heart or just regale an audience struggling with quizzes, assignments, submissions and deadlines.

Tripod: The Photography Club


Tripod is the photography club of JEC. Our campus boasts of delicate beauty. It is essential for a club of photography enthusiasts to capture all events with this backdrop in all its glory. We as a club invite amateur photographers & Alumni to learn from each other and enhance our photography skills. With the interest showed by our distinguished Alumni, photography workshops by external eminent photographers and photo exhibitions are conducted at feasible place. Social media contests take place all through the year with suitable intervals. The art of photography lets each one of us to narrate unique stories through our lens. Tripod tells the story of JEC in pictures and ever so beautifully.

The interested Alumni can approach the current committee members of the different clubs for joining. A line of email showing your interest in any club and personal details will help us to serve you without any delay. The common email Id for communicating with the clubs is as follows :