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An Overview

Professional discourses have been a fertile ground of inquiry by many social theorists who have tried to pin-down the epistemic dimension of professions. In professional engineering workplace discourses scientific theory and development play a significant, but not the only, part in the technical dimension of engineering work. Procedural methods, styles of working, historical precedents, rules of thumb, instinct and aesthetics which all constitute the engineering method that takes into cognition other experiences is an essential ingredient in reaching technical outcomes.

The idea of engineering profession as productive pragmatists which uses the tools of techno science that is inclusive of humanities and social sciences has widely recognized. In the engineering profession and education the need for the inclusion of greater humanities content into engineering curricula has been recognized because the engineering profession is to be transformed from a technical profession into a social profession that reflects the realities of engineering workplaces. To promote such a view, the college delivers the humanities subjects to the students

It is the common department related to Applied Sciences & Humanities subjects. Understanding the core concepts of Allied Sciences is necessary to develop analytical minds as well as to discover budding undergraduate engineers in more systematic and scientific way. The undergraduate curriculum at JEC Group begins with explaining the core concepts of Allied Sciences.

The subjects taught in this department are common to all branches. Hence forth these are the subjects which students undergo at the 1st year (1st Semester & 2nd Semester) of engineering 

The common core subjects:

Applied Sciences & Humanities Labs

Significant Laboratories that strengthen our applied Sciences department are


It is a viable source of providing training in global accent to the students coming from various vernacular mediums. The language lab enables each student to have a self–paced learning through different software so that the student can progress from his/her own proficiency level. The Language Laboratory is a high tech equipped class which offers a variety of functions. It has been specially designed for student-teacher interaction, and greater concentration for language learning.

The Language Lab provides practice in word accent, stress, rhythm and intonation as well as correct pronunciation of vowels and consonants of the English language by listening and repeating. Likewise, various software platforms enable each student to train for presentations, negotiation and other soft skills. This lab is mandatory for B. Tech first year students. The students of the other years can also avail of the facilities of this lab as per their convenience. The Lab is equipped with 60 multimedia computers along with headphones. The students are provided with all the facilities at their workstation.


The Engineering Physics laboratories are contemporary setups with spacious practical training areas for all engineering students. These have a total covered area of more than 250 square meters with a separate dark room for performing various optics experiments. These relate to the field of optics, fibre optics, heat, electricity & magnetism, electronics and modern physics, thereby covering the entire span of the syllabus. materials The study all these of experiments for reference by the students are available in the Department of Physics.

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We have a well equipped chemistry lab with all the facilities required for the practical training of 1st year students. The lab is spacious has capacity to accommodate 30+ students at a time. However, to make practical more effective the batch size is kept 20 student / batch.