Area and Volume of Solids of Revolution

Expert: Dr Ritu Agarwal, Assistant Professor,

Department of Mathematics, MNIT Jaipur

Date: August 17, 2019

An expert lecture was organized at Jaipur Engineering College on August 17, 2019 by the department of Applied Science. Dr Ritu Agarwal, Assistant Prof., Dept. of Mathematics, MNIT Jaipur was the invited expert. Dr. Agrawal delivered her talk on the topic “Area and Volume of Solids of Revolution ”. In this lecture she explained the basics of solids of revolution. She explained the topic in a very interactive way consisting of many numerical problems and illustrative diagrams. She gave many examples of day to day life so that students may understand the topic easily. Her lecture was actively attended by many faculty members and more than 125 students of different branches of B.Tech. I & II year. At the end of the lecture Dr. D. G. Mahto, Director JEC Group gave vote of thanks and felicitated Dr. Agarwal by presenting a memento. Coordinator of this expert lecture was Dr. Naresh Chandnani, HoD, Applied Science.