FDP on Cloud Computing & IOT



“Cloud Computing and Internet of Things

FROM: 30 – 31 August 2019

Venue: Jaipur Engineering College, Kukas, Jaipur


Executive Summary

1. Background : The Two Days Faculty Development Program on “Cloud Computing & Internet of Things (IOT) was held on 30th-31st August,2019 under the Aegis of TEQIP-III RTU (ATU) in Jaipur Engineering College,Jaipur.

2. Objectives: This FDP enriched subject knowledge of the participants about cloud computing and Internet of Things and current states of research in these thrust area. Special emphasis was laid on cloud database recovery and transaction, securing the data centers, distributed firewall. IOT applications and services, security and privacy.

3. Contents

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Architecture of Cloud Computing

  • Applications of Cloud Computing

  • Security Mechanism in Cloud

  • Overview of IOT

  • Architecture of IOT

  • IOT connectivity Technology

  • IOT implementation using Raspberry Pi

  • Different sensors overview in IOT

  • Protocols on IOT

  • Security for IOT and smart manufacturing

  • Applications of IOT

4. Methodology adopted in FDPPower Point Presentation followed by discussions amoung the participants.

5. Results of the workshop: Participants learnt about the new aspects of Cloud computing, internet of things and their applications in industry as well as day to day life. Faculty members also imparted the knowledge acquired from the FDP to their students of various branches of B.Tech. which in turn enabled students to learn these new technologies.

6. Workshop Recommendations: Faculty Development Program should be conducted regularly in every semester so that faculty members can get the knowledge of new technologies and impart to their students.