Two days FDP on Power System Dynamics and Voltage Stability Studies


Power System Dynamics & Voltage Stability Studies (PSDVSS)

From: 20th -21st September2019

VENUE: Jaipur Engineering College, Kukas

Executive Summary

1. Background:-

The two days Faculty Development Program (FDP) was aimed for college and University teachers in disciplines of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering. The approach of teaching has changed to a new paradigm, and at presents it essentially laying emphasis on stimulating inquisitiveness in the process of acquiring and assimilating new scientific knowledge and concepts. The teachers need to be updated with the pedagogy for better teaching-learning experience. Moreover, the exposure to tools like open source courseware, simulation tools, and scientific approaches of planning and execution of experiments will enhance the student’s inquisitiveness and understanding of the subjects. Furthermore, subjects like ‘Voltage Stability, Power quality in distribution system, Solar energy’ are getting due attention in the engineering course curriculum. So teachers need to refresh the knowledge on these subjects for better pedagogical approach. Power systems have evolved from the original central generating station concept to a modern highly interconnected system with improved technologies affecting each part of the system separately. The techniques for analysis of power systems have been affected most drastically by the maturity of digital computing. Compared to other disciplines within electrical engineering, the foundations of the analysis are often hidden in assumptions and methods that have resulted from years of experience and cleverness. The aim of this Faculty Development Programme (FDP) was to bring the teachers of Electrical and Electronics engineering onto one platform to update with the advances in the Power system dynamics and voltage stability studies.

2. Objectives:-

This Faculty Development Program was sponsored by TEQIP-III RTU (ATU) and hosted by Jaipur Engineering College, under the Aegis of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. The basic theme of the Faculty Development Program was “Power system Dynamics and voltage stability studies”. This Faculty Development Program will provide a good opportunity of learning of the advancement and enhancement of knowledge. The main aims of Faculty Development Program are:

  • To highlight the technological application of Power system Dynamics and voltage stability study.

  • To provide opportunities for discussion and information sharing platform for academician, researcher scholars and engineers.

3. Contents:-

The broader themes included in the FDP were as follows

  • Introduction & Background

  • Synchronous Machine Modeling

  • Modeling of system load

  • Single-Machine Dynamic Models

  • Multi Machine Dynamic Models

  • Small signal steady analysis

  • Transient stability analysis

4. Methodology adopted in FDP:-

Lectures delivered by the Experts on Power point Presentation followed by discussions with the experts, participants and students .

5. Results of the workshop:-

Participants learnt about the new aspects of Power system dynamics and voltage stability studies, Power quality improvement methods, Power drives and their industrial applications, power quality in modern electrical distribution system, one of the experts from industry also focuses on solar power generation and installation of solar panels. Faculty members also imparted the knowledge acquired from the FDP to their students of various batches of B.Tech. This in turn enabled students to learn these new technologies.