Our Esteemed Recruiters

From the past years, JEC have done commendably done well in ensuring placement of students through on campus and off campus drives in top MNCs, private and public sector enterprises. Over 250 top organizations in last 3 years from various sectors, like IT, FMCG, Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Advertising, Construction, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Infrastructure Power, Petroleum, Law firms, Consultancy, etc. recruited our students. Some of our esteemed recruiting organisations include:

Our Esteemed Recruiters

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At JEC group of colleges, we foster a climate where most of the top industries occur in campus to recruit students.  We have a perfect placement record in all branches from 2004 that’s why all top companies occur in JEC group of colleges. JEC helps them in gaining vast knowledge about subject (practical along with theoretical) for getting excellent job. We prepare students for recruitment like a seed and make them able to face any worst situation.

Grooming steps of students:

Our Esteemed Recruiters

Grooming has it's roots which needs nurturing the integrity of human psyche. The dynamic business environment, changing demand patterns, unending change management in work places and socio-economic culture has made it imperative to groom engineering students in every aspect consistently. We at JEC take care from basic listening to learning, techniques to thought, habit to hobby, look to personality and we have the results to prove it. We bring a blend of creativity to derive effectiveness in our programs.

  • Communication is an instrument to be a successful leader which involves act of speaking and listening as well as reading and writing. We have assimilated communication in all our academic and non academic activities. Thus, we prepare students for communication with utmost care.
  • English is one of the medium of communication for engineers. So, we give essential skills to speak in English and we motivate students in such a manner that they are able to break the shell of hesitation.
  • Students are encouraged to find out the fields that match their skills, interests and personalities.
  • The grooming training is provided by the professional trainers in the area which are requisite for interview and career.
  • The quantitative and reasoning classes are conducted consistently, so that students may crack aptitude round. We specially hire experts in the respective fields. It is ensured that all students take part in this activity fully.
  • To assess the preparedness of students, periodic evaluation test are carried out  to be get set go professional for MNCs.  For this JEC prepares toughest paper for examining students capability and way to communicate another people.
  • We make it a habit within students, peers and other groups to speak out in English as much as possible. To hone up the speaking skill we organize group discussions and mock interviews for students. This is the last step to complete plant from seed. Therefore, we are very careful on our goals while dealing with students.