Bridging the gap between high school and college

By Prerna Kaushik | Jun 05 2020

Students who those complete the schooling, some students wants to break and some continuing their further studies. After 12th Students are not sure about their career plane, they need a break of some time. It is not bad idea but  rather than it is excellent way to explore world cultures through incredible travel. More high school graduates are choosing to take a gap year before starting school.

The Gap between Schooling and College will help you in refreshing your mind for example when we play an outdoor game, we get tired. Same as a gap before college will re-energize your mind to face new summons. Students can utilize this gap in some many ways. 

How will a gap year really improve your life?

Personal gap year benefits

·         Some wants to boost self-confidence, maturity and independence

·         Greater ownership of education

·         Increased happiness

Social Gap year benefits

·         Life experience

·         Language Skills

·         Soft Skills

Academic gap year benefits

·         Better idea of career interests

·         Improve career opportunities

·         Opportunity to refocus after high school


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