How workshops are important for student?

By Prerna Kaushik | May 27 2020

A workshop is a great way for someone to learn about a particular subject, learn new projects, and methods in order to better you. Workshops are important  within college environments to promote wellbeing and happiness for student, but also for raising awareness within the community in general. They provide the right guidance and advice to support everyone.


Why we organize a workshops?

Now days, the industry is very demanding and we often come across the issue regarding the level of higher education, To bridge this gap , the top engineering college of Jaipur conduct the seminars and workshops for students to gain some extra knowledge. The knowledge of Seminars and Workshops assist in passionate interaction and active participation boosting the skills and expertise of students.


Here are the some importance of workshops for students in colleges:

1.       Expertise in Verbal communication: Most of the young graduates lack the confidence and fluency while interacting verbally. Some students coming from rural or sub-urban background, many students hold good academic record and industrial skills but lack behind while expressing themselves. To attending a workshops, it boosts the confidence of the students preparing them precisely for interviews and group discussions.


2.       Growth in Networking:  In seminars and workshops the students and faculties from different educational institution join to take part. Meeting new people can help the students in getting guidance and solutions related to common problems.


3.       A Different Environment than Classroom: In a learning environment different and unique from classrooms, students learn more effectively and efficiently. Far from the textbooks and academic syllabuses, students research and learn on their own which boost their confidence, performance, and productivity.


In Jaipur Engineering College-JEC ,it gives you an opportunity to increase your skills, confidence, It gives you a platform where you can relevant to market and industrial workshops and seminars .


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