More Efficient Notes gives more Effective Result

By Akshita Bhardwaj | Jan 21 2020

In College, Every student makes a note at the time of the lecture. But Notes of some students are more understandable as compare to others. The Style of making notes is different from every student. Notes have been considered more helpful in recalling topics. Students who have well arranged and meaningful notes help them to perform well in the examination. Before making notes of any topic students need to clear the key points and importance of the topic. Top Engineering College in Jaipur - JEC provides quality notes to the students. Here we are providing some tips which you need to keep in mind at the time of making notes. 

Tips for Improving Notes Making Skills 

Listen Carefully & Concentrate 

Students need to listen to each and every line speak by the Lecturer. This will help them to understand the topic. Must do cross-questions with a teacher and try to clear your doughts. Note down the definition and important points dictated by the teacher. Concentrate on important topics and note down a complete topic that helps you to execute engineering projects.

Underline Important Points

At the same time of marking notes underline an important point mentioned by the teacher at the time of Lecture or write them with a bullet. Sometimes students may also use red or black for highlighting points. Jaipur Engineering College which is one of the Top Engineering colleges in Jaipur Teachers explains topics from basic to a high level. 

Well Arranged 

Must keep your notes well arranged. Do not do rough work on some pages of important topics. Do not leave pages in between a single topic. Do not cut or paste any paper on an old page. Must keep your notebook safely. Do not spoil your notebook with food oil, etc. 

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