What are the things to attract the college?

By Prerna Kaushik | Jun 01 2020

Today in top engineering college of Jaipur ,with such a large number of colleges has a become as competitive and challenging. It is now crucial for colleges and universities to understand and market the importance of innovation, social responsibility, and new technologies to attract the students.


For effectively attract new students, it’s important to first identify prospective students. There are two types of prospective students– those who are aware of your college and those who are not. Initially the goal is for both types to choose your college/university. And even if the goal is the same, the approach should be slightly different.


What are students looking for?

Students aware of your institution most likely have a list of colleges and programs they are interested in. The first place they will seek more information is the college’s website. To remain effective, Higher Education website should be:


·         Start the college on time: The recruitment of students must begin at least four months before the date of enrollment opening. Do not wait until a week before to start your strategy, if you do not want to lose potential students. So it starts to work actions that help you to be well positioned when the time comes. the first task of the school should be to create active channels of communication with families and students long before starting the registration process.


·         Mobile friendly – most of the times the first interactions with the website happens from mobile devices. Having an easy to navigate mobile friendly website is a key not only for a user, but also for search engines.


·         Promote and make unique events: Set a date to organize an event dedicated solely to promote communication between your potential students and you. Put students in contact with managers, teachers, even administrative staff, to create a more complete sense of belonging.


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What are the things to attract the college?

Prerna Kaushik 01 Jun 2020

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