What is the best way to take notes in class?

By Prerna Kaushik | Apr 28 2020

Effective note-taking is an essential skill for study. During the lectures, when teachers are dictating the words or sentence that is useful for your exams, As we cannot hold them all in mind, we will have to use a record to gather all the information. Although, it improves our listening skills too. When we write and taking notes, it helps to recall and understand the lesson at a later time and saves our time. So it is very important to make effective notes in class.


The Importance of Note Making.

1.       Sometimes, they give useful tips for doing assignments and for exams.

2.       When we are in a classroom or in a lecture hall, we must concentrate our minds and grab all the information.

3.       It involves us in the learning process also, and whenever we read something we have to write down important points as we cannot hold in our minds.


    Types of making the notes method.

·     Diagram Pattern Format: it is an easy way to recognize all the points because it is presented using a diagram.

·      Split-Page Format: In this, the page should be divided into two parts in one column, there will be standard notes and in the other, the summary.

·    Outline Format: In this, we presented as an outline with using titles, subtitles that numbered accordingly.

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