Which is better regular or distance education?

By Prerna Kaushik | May 18 2020


If we talk about Distance learning, then It is about where you don’t need to attend the classes on a daily basis. But you have to attend the classes within that one or two days in a week. You have to prepare yourself for the respective syllabus for various subjects. It includes learning from home that is e-learning, correspondence course etc. It is a form of education system where the teacher and students are separated by a considerable space.



Distance education programs have a much greater scope in terms of the knowledge and information and which is not confined to the teacher. Along with saving time and money, a student gets the flexibility of studying in an environment that is most comfortable to him/her. A student gets to study and learn at his/her pace and can give more time to the subjects which are difficult.


On the other hand, in case of regular Learning ,the students has to attend the classes on a daily basis .

In regular learning there are number of benefits for the students.

·         They can clarify any doubt as there is direct interaction with their teachers.

·         Chance to participate in various activities like quiz, seminars etc.

·         They can attain the good subject knowledge.


To facilitate education to students, the regular education  provides wide exposure in terms of overall growth of a student by providing facilities such as play ground, variety of subjects, interaction with new people, etc.

Classroom provides an atmosphere wherein one gets to be a team player as well as team leader during different group activities such as group study, presentations and brain storming sessions. This helps in building confidence and making oneself more able when one steps onto the professional world.


Advantages of Regular Education:

·         More Interaction

·         Builds organizational skills

·         Keeps Students stimulated

·         Teaching style can be modified according to the student’s issues

·         Enhances critical thinking skills.


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