Why are quizzes beneficial for Students?

By Prerna Kaushik | Apr 24 2020

In the world of education, there are many different ways to teach and to combine what has been learned. It gives students a break from common classroom learning, there is an extreme need to energize the quiz culture in schools and colleges. And now, technology can act as a promoter by bringing innovation to quizzes and provide active participation among students.


Besides the obvious academic benefits of broadening a student's knowledge and exploring new skills at an early age, quizzes reconsider the education system in significant ways:

·  1. Interactive platform: Today, quizzes are interactive platforms where students are not participating to take a prize or get famous overnight but to attain knowledge, seek opportunities to come through beyond academics, and capture their future.

  2. Inspire the teamwork: Students need to assemble teams while participating in quizzes, giving them an opportunity to file up their teamwork skills.

·  3. Changes scope of learning: After all, questions are based out-of-syllabus and require critical thinking and broad analysis, students get into the habit of innovative learning from an early age.

·  4. Bridges gap between academia-industry: During interviews, recruiters have found that Indian students are good at theoretical knowledge but are not convert to industry knowledge because of the current pattern of curriculum. Hence, there is still a huge gap in preparing our students for the real world job.


Here, JEC-top engineering college of Jaipur plays a crucial role by using quizzes to give students much-needed early exposure to make them skilled and job-ready.



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