Do grades encourage students to do better in college?

By Prerna Kaushik | May 14 2020

In top  college in Jaipur for engineering, the student progress are depends on his/her grades and his/her grades are depend on how well she/he do in his academics. The grades system are individual for all the subject, it encourages the student to work harder at colleges. The some advantages of grades system are discuss follows:


1.       The grade system is identify your weak subject on that you can do better and do hard work and improve your knowledge about that subject. As we discuss that the grades are for individual subject but the one subject are not depend on other subject grade, that’s  why it is very easy to identify the weak subject that you can focus on that subject.


2.       The grade system increasingly the competition between student and the effect of that student do lot of study and increase their knowledge and try to achieve higher grades in an academics. And if there is a competition between the students , they do hard work and h=get higher grades that’s why everyone try to study hard and everyone gets nice grade.


3.       When you have higher grades, then you get more opportunities for your career. You get placed in top companies easily on your grades, or you can get high study admission easily. Because jobs and admission are mostly depends on your grades.


4.       Grades motivates students because there are way to determine which people in a group are most intelligent. Grades are assigned in a way that they can clearly demonstrate that in which class are the best and brightest .


At last, the grades encourages the student to work hard at college time, because the grades are come from study and your knowledge about that subject.


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