How to deal with cheating students?

By Prerna Kaushik | May 26 2020

Cheating is the reality that every college faces. Especially with the increase of technology, students have gotten creative in discovering a number of ways to cheat on tests, essays, assignments, and even college applications. But why do students feel the need to cheat? 


Why students cheat?

There have been many studies done to determine which students cheat and why. There have been several factors that influence whether or not a student cheats. 

·        Pressure:  Pressure to do well either academically to get into colleges, or to maintain a certain CGPA causes some students to cheat.

·        Lack of Preparation : When students don’t go to class or don’t study they are more likely to cheat.

·       Opportunity: Whether the teacher left the room, other students don’t cover their papers, or no one ever gets caught cheating, students are more likely to cheat when an opportunity presents itself.

·        Group Mentality: If students feel that everyone cheats, then they may feel that it is okay to cheat on an exam.


How to prevent  cheating?

Here are some tools and tips on how to prevent, or catch, cheating on tests.

·           Organize the environment: The testing environment can prevent some cheating. Have students test in well-lit rooms that are clean and free from clutter. Spread desks apart and separate students. Assign different seating so students can’t sit by people they may have planned to cheat off of.

·         Disciplinary action: Remind students of the college rules on cheating and make sure that you enforce it when you catch a student cheating.

·          Prohibit devices: Do not allow devices like mobiles  or other unacceptable materials to be used on tests. Make sure students put their backpacks and other items under their desks or in another location so they cannot be used to cheat.

·          Create more than one exam: Use different versions of the exam to distribute to students to eliminate the possibility of students looking on their classmates papers.


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